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1. What is Citi Private Pass®
Citi Private Pass® is a web-based entertainment access program for eligible Citi credit cardmembers and Citibank® Debit Card customers, offering access to some of the best entertainment events and experiences. Citi cardmembers can purchase presale tickets, preferred tickets, and VIP packages to concerts and shows, as well as access to a wide variety of experiences in categories such as dining, golf, nightclubs, shopping and family entertainment.
2. As a Citi cardmember, do I need to sign up or open a Private Pass account?
There is no need to open a Private Pass account (no need for a log-in name or password either). Just bookmark www.citiprivatepass.com and visit the site frequently to check out new offers.
3. Is there a fee to enter / get access to the Private Pass program?
There is no fee to get access to Private Pass. Private Pass is a free card benefit for eligible Citi cardmembers.
4. Is there an extra fee or charge per ticket when purchasing tickets via Private Pass?
There is no extra fee or charge per ticket when purchasing tickets via Private Pass. However, the ticketing agency that processes your ticket purchase transaction typically charges standard processing and/or shipping & handling fees.
5. Do I need to be a Citi cardmember to purchase tickets/access on the Private Pass website?
While anyone can view the offers on the Private Pass website, only eligible Citi credit cardmembers and Citibank® Debit Card customers can purchase the tickets/access related to the offers. In most instances, the Citi credit or debit card account number will be verified during the purchase transaction and at check-out.
6. Which Citi cards are eligible for Private Pass?
Credit cards which display the Citi logo AND the Visa, MasterCard, or American Express logo are eligible. Also, the Citibank® Debit Card is eligible.
7. What is a Citi "presale"?
A Citi presale is an offer for eligible Citi cardmembers to purchase tickets before they become available to the general public (i.e. public on-sale). Typically, the presale period is 1-5 days but can vary.
8. What are Citi "preferred tickets"?
Preferred Tickets are an allotment of seats that have been set aside just for eligible Citi cardmembers. These tickets are made available at the time of the general public on-sale and as a cardmember, you may access these seats for a limited period of time.
9. What is a Citi "VIP package"?
A Citi VIP package is a special set of items for eligible Citi credit cardmembers and Citibank® Debit Card customers. It can include premium seating (which are among the best seats at the venue), artist merchandise, a meet & greet with the artist, and/or special access to hospitality areas within the venue. Please carefully read the description of the VIP package before you purchase.
10. What is the passcode to purchase tickets or redeem complimentary passes for a Private Pass event?
In most cases (but not always), passcodes may be required to access certain events. If you click on an event and/or a "BUY NOW" from citiprivatepass.com and it takes you directly to LiveNation.com or TicketMaster.com, the passcode is the first 6 digits of your Citi credit or debit card. If there is an event page on the Private Pass site, and a passcode is required (not all events require passcodes), it will be listed at the top of the page in bold font.
11. Is there a limit on the number of concert tickets a cardmember can purchase?
Ticket limit per show varies by event and venue. Please carefully read the details of the offer to see the limit of tickets for that particular event.
12. How can I stay on top of important upcoming events?
You can sign up for the Private Pass email newsletter on the homepage of this website or you can follow Citi on Twitter or Facebook