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5 Fan Facts About Pro Golfer Justin Thomas
Photo courtesy of Robert Holland
5 Fan Facts About Pro Golfer Justin Thomas
The rising star of the PGA Tour gets candid about his passion for the sport, connecting with his fans, and the one thing you can do to improve your game

Professional golfer Justin Thomas may be busy these days on the PGA Tour®, but that doesn't stop him from having a little fun. From meet and greets to sharing vacation videos on social media, you can find him connecting with his fans on and off the course. The ultimate sports fanatic himself, Thomas admires athletes past and present. Just approach him with caution during college football season.

That's always been a goal of mine: to become a role model to young kids.

1. Your father and grandfather were both successful golfers. Did they inspire you to begin playing?

Absolutely. I think any kid always wants to be like their parents or grandparents. They've both been such positives influences in my career and I have been very fortunate to have them as soundboards for any advice I want or need. I love golf and obviously spend a lot of time playing. Even when I am off the course or not playing an event, I am always watching it or thinking about it. I truly enjoy it and am a fan of the game.

2. Golf aside, are there any other sports or activities that you consider yourself a crazy fan of?

I love [University of] Alabama football. I live and die by it, and it influences my mood for the next week or so — often too much.

3. You're very active on social media and have a strong following. Is this your favorite way to connect with fans?

It is. I enjoy being able to do that and have some fun with fans. It's the best way for us players to engage with them on a more personal level.

Some fan mail I get is also pretty cool. Whether it's online or actually comes in the mail, it means a lot any time I get something positive from a kid who says they look up to me. That's always been a goal of mine: to become a role model for young kids.

4. As a golf ambassador for Citi, you hold meet and greets with fans after you've finished playing. What do you hope your fans get out of this experience?

I want them to be able to ask me any questions they may have or just get to know me. I hope they understand I'm just a normal, fun person, like the rest of us out on the tour. The Citi meet and greets are an awesome way to just hang out and talk to fans in a more personal setting.

5. What's your advice for golfers looking to improve their game and rise up in the ranks?

Work on your short game! Chipping and putting are vital to becoming a great golfer, and it is so important to always have them sharp.

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