A benefit of having a Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive, Citi Prestige® or Citi Chairman® card.


  • Citi Private Pass BEYOND is a specially curated, invitation-only entertainment access program, which provides a select group of Citi cardmembers with entrée into a world of exclusive experiences and events.

  • Private Pass BEYOND offers access to exclusive experiences and events in music, sports, culinary and lifestyle, everything from backstage artist meet and greets at concerts, to unforgettable chef tasting events, to playing one-on-one with some of today's most iconic athletes.

  • Private Pass BEYOND is available to cardmembers with a Citi® /AAdvantage® Executive, Citi Prestige® and/or Citi Chairman® card.

  • Private Pass and Private Pass BEYOND are both entertainment access programs for Citi cardmembers. Private Pass is a program available to all Citi credit cardmembers (as well as Citibank® Debit Card customers), which offers access to concert presale/preferred tickets, as well as tickets to sports and culinary events. In addition to access to Private Pass, Citi cardmembers with a Citi /AAdvantage Executive, Citi Prestige and/or Citi Chairman card ALSO have access to Private Pass BEYOND, a program which offers access to exquisitely curated experiences and events with personalized interactions with artists, athletes, chefs and celebrities in incredibly unique settings.

  • If you have a Citi / AAdvantage Executive, Citi Prestige and/or Citi Chairman card, you already have access to the program, at no additional fee, with no need to sign up for or open a Private Pass BEYOND account. However, should you want to attend the experiences you may have to pay for the ticket(s) to the event.

  • If you have a Citi / AAdvantage Executive, Citi Prestige, or Citi Chairman card, you should receive our email invitations approximately two times per month, containing exclusive invitations to Private Pass BEYOND's experiences and events. Events are also posted and updated on the Private Pass BEYOND website..

  • If you have a Citi® /AAdvantage® Executive, Citi Prestige® and/or Citi Chairman®, you should automatically receive our email invitations within 1-2 months of activating your card unless you have previously opted out of receiving Citi marketing emails or set up other restrictive email preferences. To opt in to receive our email invitations, please visit citiprivatepass.com/beyond/email.

  • For questions related specifically to Private Pass BEYOND, you may call the Concierge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800.301.3345. For questions related to your Citi credit card account, please call the number on the back of your card.